30 August 2009

and so my shop grows

hello! just stopping in to say that my shop continues to grow. i am adding new item everyday and continuing to think of crafty ideas to share my photos. i have business cards in hand, pretty packaging material and promotion postcards that i can't wait bundle all together and send out!
note cards and postcards are coming soon + a secret surprise that will be revealed in time. i hope you can stop by and see what's new.

also, i am open to suggestions so if there is an image of mine you don't see on there that you think would do well, let me know! i love your opinion.

hope you have a relaxing sunday. yesterday i took a hike that is known for its huckleberry bushes. we picked quite a few of those little sweet berries (until i fell and decided to head straight back to the car). now i am off for a bike ride to the farmer's market, looking for some pickling projects. green beans? cucumbers? carrots? should be tasty!

inspired by lea, i am replying to comments here:
lecia: good for you! enjoy the beach and the last weekend of summer.
ida: i'm glad you enjoyed both links!

27 August 2009

inspiration to get you through

some great inspiring links that have kept my wheels turning all day.

*brian ferry's newest project. i think it is ingenious! he pushes the envelope of scrapbooking and photo collecting with this simple, elegant and well put together book.

*on choice via nectar & light. you may all know about my faithfulness and passion in supporting independent bookstores. well, this post reminds us of the importance of being locally or independently minded when it comes to any type retailer. i love this quote "A company that is making enormous profits in a recession doesn't need me. That's all. That's my choice. I won't judge you for yours." i have to agree that when it comes to choosing where and who i give my money to, i'd like to choose wisely.

one more day to the weekend! any end of summer plans you'd like to share?

comments to last posts' comments:
julia: i love holgas! and i emailed you more description of my experience with them
polly: thank you! i didn't even consider the vintage look of the first shot, but i'm glad you mentioned it.
brian: thanks! those bagels were soooo good.
ida: it took me awhile to get to know my holga. i'm still learning. just wait, i know it will warm up to you soon.
alexandria: thank you so much! i'm glad that you can get the feel of my trip from these photos.
des: nice to meet you and thank you :)

25 August 2009

montreal + holga

oh my, i didn't realize how many many more pictures i have left from my trip. well, i will just inundate you with them now, paying no particular attention to theme except for that these are all from montreal and taken with my holga. enjoy!

yes, you get to see the famous bagels up there. and shot number 3 is a market we went to in little italy. street art, mcgill college, statues at a park along ave des pins.

23 August 2009

the corners of montreal

1. and 2. we found a part of mcgill campus that is creating and experimenting with rooftop gardening.
3. street art in the plateau du mont royal
4. big boats on the fleuve st. laurent in vieux montreal
5. rail tracks near the fleuve st. laurent in vieux montreal

have a relaxing sunday

21 August 2009

a gocco printed holga

i'm just dropping in to say, i love this.

20 August 2009

the montreal summary

locations around montreal.

oh, we had such a good time! the beauty of film (and blogging) is being able to go back and look at an experience weeks later. it is so nice to sort through these photos. as you can see from the top two, there were a lot of bikers and bicycles in montreal, which jon loved. the second photo is of this cool bicycle system, similar to flex cars here, a pick-up-your-transportation-at-one-spot-drop-it-off-at-another type of system system.

we also ate very well in montreal. as i showed earlier, smoked meat at schwartz' was high on the list. but we also ate poutine at this great 24 hour diner called resto la banquise for our last night in town, we treated ourselves to the famed, au pied de cochon. so delicious! for being the most talked about restaurant in the city, the whole staff was so welcoming and laid back, yet knowledgable and very good at their job. we ordered a fish soup to split, foie gras cromesquis--which were essentially a taste of foie gras breaded then fried so that the pate melted slightly and oozed just like when you bite into cherry truffles. then we each had a salad, prepared very well. we had cod cake fritters with large chunks of fish inside and homemade mayonaise that came in little wide mouth jars on the side. as the main dish, we split the plogue a champlain. i can't even begin to describe to you what that was. let's just say maple syrup, gruyere, buckwheat pancake, seared fois gras and bacon, all in a beautiful decadent pile. a thing to split for sure. finally, we had and a poached pear with vanilla ice cream and espressos on the side. the meal lasted for about 3 hours, just as a proper french-influenced 'we're treating ourselves on vacation' meal should last. oh! and the bread! huge huge loaves that they cut right in front of you with the most flavorful butter. those meals only happen once in a blue moon.

besides that fancy evening, we did a lot of walking and exploring and hanging out. there was nothing much more we wanted to do than to visit all the different neighborhoods and get a feel for the city. one day, we found a coffee shop in mile end and ate (the best and freshsest) bagels with our coffee, while reading on their terrace. another evening we got bombarded by the boul de saint laurent, "the main" they call it, which is the road that runs through the whole city. wandering around tired and hungry, we finally found a little bar on a side street that brewed it's own beer. it was called the reservoir. we skirted downtown, not too interested in skyscrapers, but did wander around old town, getting a feel for the old european buildings. instead of hiking the parc du mont royal, we explored mcgill campus. did you know a hospital can look like a castle? it can at mcgill.

ice cream, walking, coffees, bagels, french speaking, ordering food in french or english, finding our way around, maps, metros, beer and terraces--it was all so fun!

more pictures to come...

18 August 2009

quartier latin a montreal

we've made it to montreal! that is, the blog has made it. i've already come and gone. but finally the pictures have arrived.
1. colorful mural about aids.
2. & 3. colorful street art: clothes hanging out to dry.
4. quebec library

also, i've met a new blog/flickr friend from montreal. for more montreal, go say hi to eli of aussi cool que toi.

15 August 2009

and the winner is...

thank you all for your great feedback and encouragement on my 100th post giveaway! i was so touched by all of your support and i hope to continue to have such a great community into my blog's 200th post. with help from random.org, i have chosen the winner...

congratulations to:
at swim-two-birds!
i will send you an email for shipping information.

and because of your great feedback, i am excited to announce the unveiling of my shop! it is called sweet potato anna and it will contain some of my favorite film photographs, both from the vintage yashica electro and from my holga. i've started off with prints of the photos shown in the 100th post giveaway, but i will soon add more items, including postcards, large prints and hopefully notebooks down the road. i do hope you will stop by and maybe even tell your friends. if there is any more feedback or suggestions you have, please let me know. i am open to learning as much as i can.

and, as a bonus, for my opening week i am having a sale. choose any two photos in my shop and get the second one half off!

thanks again to all of you out there in the big world who come here and say hello. you make me excited to be on the internet.
over here!

14 August 2009

the last of new york

more lawn chairs in times square. i just get a kick out of it!
as promised, this post is the last of new york photos. next week will be montreal on holga, montreal on 35mm and quebec city.

tomorrow is the last day to enter the giveaway!
thank you all who have already entered and given me such great feedback.

how has your summer been? i sat down and wrote a list last week of summery things i want to do before summer is over. i think i'm already getting through much of the list: i finally made my first berry crisp of the summer. i've eaten peaches and i'm going to a barbecue tonight. i just got back from the beautiful washington coast, where it actually was sunny and i walked in the waves. last weekend i went on a bike ride to the farmer's market. i have yet to pickle or jam and i still want to walk up the street and pick blacberries and roll out a pie dough. i think i've also started some new summer traditions, like zuchinni and summer squash bread. what to do with all that great colorful summer squash? grate it and make a quick bread!

what is left to do on your summer list?

oh! and i was able to go to delancey's soft opening last week. yum yum yum, that couple has style and taste!

10 August 2009

trains and planes and cross country

if you haven't yet, please enter my 100th post giveaway!

well, there is definitely still a lot of new york pictures left. i think i will do one more post of them after this and then move onto montreal-- the destination!
top image: the glass shop cafe
second: the strand book store
last three: walking across the brooklyn bridge.
i'm going to the ocean for two nights. i cannot wait. it's amazing, after such exciting travel on trains and planes and cross country, i think that this trip to the ocean will be the best thing about my summer! i am going to a spot on the olympic peninsula that i have gone to just about every year of my life. i didn't get to go last summer because i started a new job, so it has been two long years waiting to return. i didn't know how much i missed it. i can't wait for everything! for the familiar drive, the beautiful winding road along the lake, the pit stop for groceries, the last phone call before you lose reception, the first sight of the waves, the first smell of fresh ocean air! oh i can't wait!

i wish you a good week and i'll see you here on friday with the last of my new york pictures!

08 August 2009

new york public library to times square

the new york public library to times square.
there are sections of the streets in times square that have recently been closed off to traffic. they are now open to...lawn chairs! and the goal for the end of the summer is for them to have real couches. we relaxed in pink ad blue lawn chairs for a bit of our third and last day in new york.
unfortunately, we didn't bring newspapers like the couple in the second to last photo.

don't forget about the giveaway...

04 August 2009

high over the hudson

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day two we walked across the brooklyn bridge. it was amazing.

these funny photos were taken with this funny camera. it is a re-make of the vivitar ultra wide and slim. japanese company, superheadz, took vivitar's plastic camera and wide angel lens creation and remade the 'white slim angel' and the 'black slim devil.' i have come to love the wide angle, but i haven't quite warmed up to all the color and focus distortions that my white angel causes. what do you think?

*the store i link to is the four corner store. it's great.

at any rate, the day was hot hot hot and muggy. but to be up high above the hudson river heading towards the big city, looking back at brooklyn...well, that was such an experience! also, the top photo is prospect park. a beautifully laid out huge park in brooklyn. we walked so much.