04 August 2009

high over the hudson

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day two we walked across the brooklyn bridge. it was amazing.

these funny photos were taken with this funny camera. it is a re-make of the vivitar ultra wide and slim. japanese company, superheadz, took vivitar's plastic camera and wide angel lens creation and remade the 'white slim angel' and the 'black slim devil.' i have come to love the wide angle, but i haven't quite warmed up to all the color and focus distortions that my white angel causes. what do you think?

*the store i link to is the four corner store. it's great.

at any rate, the day was hot hot hot and muggy. but to be up high above the hudson river heading towards the big city, looking back at brooklyn...well, that was such an experience! also, the top photo is prospect park. a beautifully laid out huge park in brooklyn. we walked so much.


  1. i was just down there last night, enjoying a late afternoon stroll!
    lovely shots...

  2. These photographs are so awesome! Very cool that you were able to walk a lot and that camera is so adorable...I've added it to my wish list!

  3. Anna, I adore these! I'm so buying that camera (I've just spent 20 minutes browsing the fourcorner website-so great). Thanks for the link.

  4. ps - your site looks great - did you change your header? or something else.

  5. thanks lecia! you know, someone else asked me if i changed the header, but i haven't for a while. tiny changes here and there, but not much else.


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