hi! i'm anna.


my name is anna
i love all my cameras equally
i am a 6th generation seattlite
i work at a 110-year-old independent bookstore
i plan author events; i love what literature can say about our world
envelopes, card, paper,  scissors, tape, and pencils make me smile
my dream birthday cake is a cinnamon roll
my favorite color is red
i like to plant herbs and i secretly spread wildflower seeds to see where they land
my dad is a baker, my mom is a teacher
j'aime bien lire la poesie francophone
sweet potato anna is the name of a recipe that got turned into a nickname
the baker's daughter is a space to share my inspiration, my thoughts on photography, my progress as a photographer and my observations on the world around me. it is also a jumping off point to build community with other photographers, bloggers, artists, writers and thinkers. i love all the comments from my readers and i love engaging in conversation. 
more of me:
sweetpotatoanna (at) gmail (dot) com