30 July 2009

smoked meat

schwartz's: montreal hebrew delicatessan- a montreal tradition since 1928.

28 July 2009


we ate well in new york. this is the dumbo general store, a laid back cafe with an amazing classico sandwich: grilled panini with melted mozzarella and salami. our first morning in brooklyn, we went out to breakfast to celebrate my friend's birthday at le gamin, a french bistro in prospect heights. i had a quiche loraine with the flakiest buttery crust, a bowl of cafe au lait and a salad. others had a croque monsieur, an asparagus omlette and a continental breakfast with croissants, jam, bread and butter.

one night we went to an outdoor concert, part of the celebrate brooklyn series in prospect park. we brought cheese and baguettes and other yummy treats to eat together. you can see us crowded on our little blanket eating well.

brooklyn was for visiting friends; we were so lucky to have people to stay with.

27 July 2009


i hardly know where to begin. i have a lot of pictures to sort through and a lot of film to develop. i also have a lot of laundry to do and gifts to give and work to go back to. i can't wait to unwind and process my trip here in this space, but at the moment i am really daunted. i think i will kick it off with this digital picture above, taken in quebec city.

20 July 2009

bonjour tout le monde!

salut! i am checking in to say that i love montreal! i may never come back...

that is not true. i will be back next sunday. but i really do love it.

thank you all so much for your well wishes on my travels. i cannot wait to share it all with you.

i hope your week is well.

a la prochaine,


13 July 2009

dear blog, i will miss you

dear blog,

i am writing to you now because tomorrow night i will be on a plane. and after i get off the plane i will be in a whole new world. blog, i have to leave you for a few weeks. it's not that i want to. no, i'd love nothing more than to keep coming back to you, telling you all about what i am doing and thinking. but i have to leave you for two weeks because i wont really be able to show you what i am doing. and that's the most important thing.

i promise, blog, when i get back that i will have more pictures than you can handle. i will fill your ears in images. i will. i promise.

i also promise, blog, that when i get back i will soon make it to that special 100th post and thank my amazing readers for their support by giving them free things.

my dear blog, i will miss you.

i may poke my head in, but if not you can count on seeing me back here on july 27th!
wish me luck in new york, montreal and quebec city!

11 July 2009

potlucks and parties

07 July 2009

il y'a longtemps que je t'aime.

"and if i cared about god, i would be tempted to think that remembering was sinful. for what else could it be, what could remembering all those gorgeous moments when this world was fully present at your fingertips be but a beautiful sin?"
-aleksander hemon, the lazarus project

i just finished that book, the lazarus project. it was beautiful and sad and thoughtful. it was an absolute masterpiece about a bosnian-american immigrant, brik, researching a jewish-ukranian immigrant, lazarus, who was killed 100 years earlier. in his research and journey across eastern europe, brik and lazarus' life meld together. and brik tells us about life and death, love, loss, memory, religion and history.

after finishing the book, i watched il y'a longtemps que je t'aime (i have loved you so long). have you seen it? this movie also contemplated life and loss, as well as memory, love, growth and forgiveness.

neither are really what you would call light summery picks, are they? no matter, they were both amazing and have found me very contemplative.

i forgot to share this link, too: one love photo. very unique and stunning wedding photography. (don't worry mom and dad, i'm not myself planning a wedding! i just like these photos).

04 July 2009

link love

today we are going up to whidbey island to celebrate the 4th of july with jon's family. i hope it is not too hot, but hot enough. before we pack up and hop on the ferry, i'll share with you some links i've been enjoying lately.

little postcards by alexandria. her polaroids are so simple and beautiful that they sometimes surprise me in their stunning beauty. i also love her blog because she is from seattle and she has a huge list of bibliophile links. plus all the books she mentions are linked to Powells, the largest inependant bookstore in the nation, based out of portland. (they have an amazing online prescense and loads of used books, so that you can find almost any book in or out of print throught there site. use it.)

notes by naive
by tommy. tommy has a series of "lo-fi travel guides," taken with her lomo lc-a in cities ranging from paris, singapore, portland, and london. i love the look and concept of these guides. they have really inspired me for my upcoming trip to montreal. lo-fi paris is my favorite, check it out.

stephanie's photostream. she has really mastered the wide variety of toy cameras, using a diana, a lomo, a holga, hogaroid and more. her pictures are amazing! especially this one.

enjoy and have a great 4th, for those who celebrate.

02 July 2009

a tour

*some cool buildings in seattle*

top: the varsity on the ave. second: the malloy apartments in the u district. third and fourth: a hotel on 4th ave that i can't remember and am too lazy to look up. it's by the library.

my recent roll of expired film has been very grainy. i guess that's the joy of expired--you never really know what it could turn out like.

i wanted to tell you that there is also another great giveaway going on at lea's blog. (my giveaway will be soon) lea is a very talented photographer from copenhagen. she has a great knack for the best thrift store finds and i love her eye and perspective on things. you should check out her blog for more than just the giveaway!

thanks for your comments, thoughts and enthusiasm on my last post. i'm going to respond to some of the comments here.
tifanie: i'm nervous, too about winding the film correctly. i've been practicing!
lea and lecia: it's great to hear what is occupying your creative energy right now. keep up the good work!
ida and jane: i'm sure there will be another giveaway by jen. and i will definitely show you what arrives for me.