28 July 2009


we ate well in new york. this is the dumbo general store, a laid back cafe with an amazing classico sandwich: grilled panini with melted mozzarella and salami. our first morning in brooklyn, we went out to breakfast to celebrate my friend's birthday at le gamin, a french bistro in prospect heights. i had a quiche loraine with the flakiest buttery crust, a bowl of cafe au lait and a salad. others had a croque monsieur, an asparagus omlette and a continental breakfast with croissants, jam, bread and butter.

one night we went to an outdoor concert, part of the celebrate brooklyn series in prospect park. we brought cheese and baguettes and other yummy treats to eat together. you can see us crowded on our little blanket eating well.

brooklyn was for visiting friends; we were so lucky to have people to stay with.


  1. got to love ny! glad you had a fab time!

  2. Hi there :)
    (I thought i would leave an answer to your comment here)
    I'm glad you enjoyed your holidays in Montreal! It is quite a special city and i like it very much. My neighborhood is so cool, it's called the Mile-End, have you heard of it?
    You are right, the food is great here. And there is more and more places to discover.
    I've been in N-Y twice and loved it, Brooklyn mostly.
    I'd like to visit other cities in the US, I bet there is a lot to see, and taste! Any suggestions?
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    ps. i loooove your pictures:)

  3. oh, my husband is in ny right now. i wish i was there with him. just the food would make it worth while. and the parks, and the little shops, the atmosphere. i could go on and on)next time *sigh*

  4. This looks like a fun place to eat and hang out...love the photographs!

  5. ooh! i love le gamin and the dumbo general store (and at night, that space turns into the best mexican restaurant, hecho en dumbo). sounds like a great time!


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