02 July 2009

a tour

*some cool buildings in seattle*

top: the varsity on the ave. second: the malloy apartments in the u district. third and fourth: a hotel on 4th ave that i can't remember and am too lazy to look up. it's by the library.

my recent roll of expired film has been very grainy. i guess that's the joy of expired--you never really know what it could turn out like.

i wanted to tell you that there is also another great giveaway going on at lea's blog. (my giveaway will be soon) lea is a very talented photographer from copenhagen. she has a great knack for the best thrift store finds and i love her eye and perspective on things. you should check out her blog for more than just the giveaway!

thanks for your comments, thoughts and enthusiasm on my last post. i'm going to respond to some of the comments here.
tifanie: i'm nervous, too about winding the film correctly. i've been practicing!
lea and lecia: it's great to hear what is occupying your creative energy right now. keep up the good work!
ida and jane: i'm sure there will be another giveaway by jen. and i will definitely show you what arrives for me.


  1. wow again great expired film shots! especially the last two, such beautiful pale colors and heavy architecture, just how i like them : ) and thanks for your very kind words anna - i'm honored!

  2. Seriously wonderful photographs...I really like the 2nd one and of course I love the expired film look. Hope your weekend is awesome!

  3. love those grainy Seattle pics, very atmospheric - I would love to go there one day...


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