30 June 2009

important things to get done

in two weeks i am going to montreal and there is a lot to get done. of course, there are all the odds and ends that i need to gather which i wont bother you with here in this space, because who really needs to know about what toiletries i still need to buy and what shoes i'm struggling over taking or not? but besides all those necessary details, there are also really important things to get done.

for one, there are 10 more posts to go until 100! remember i promised you a 100th post giveaway? i'm not quite sure when that will land in relation to my trip, but i hope everything will line up. my goal is to start the contest before i leave in hopes that winners will understand that their surprise will come when i get back. we'll see...
if you are looking for a great giveaway right this second go here.

another important thing to get done is the summer photo trade. i am so excited about this project, created by jen of nectar & light. since i've joined this online community of blogging i've been waiting and hoping for a fun photo sharing/trading opportunity. i hope that this is the first in many projects that i can participate in. but i also have to shoot some great summer photos and print them and send them before i leave in two weeks.

lastly on my exciting photo-related to-do list, tifanie and i have a fun little film trade we are doing that i can't wait to share with everyone. we are each shooting a roll of 35mm film, rewinding it with a little tail hanging out, sending it to the other to shoot over, and then developing. neat, huh?

well, thanks for letting me sort out my to-do list with you. do you have any exciting creative prospects going on?


  1. Exciting to hear about Montreal!

    Right now my creative energy is directed toward keeping my two wee ones occupied...

  2. what beautiful shots, anna. i'm very excited about our little photo shoot too! this week is kind of crazy, so i'm planning to start shooting next week, when i can focus on it a bit. i'm a little nervous about the winding part! so i brought lots of extra film with me (we're in aspen at the moment) just in case.

    i like your summer to do list! i need to work on mine as well.

    take care *

  3. Gorgeous shots!!!
    The Photo Trade sounds like fun, I might sign up the next time around. Looking forward to see what images you'll receive!

  4. your "packing for montreal thoughts" reminds me of myself in packing mode : ) i'm always unsure of what shoes to bring and what toiletries i need to buy. and your to do list sounds like a lot of fun. my upcoming projects will be 1. draw 10 bird postcards, 2. finish and develop a yashica film where i have about 7 frames left, 3. decide which photos to have printed for the giveaway, 4. ....don't know number for yet but something will probably come up : ) have a great day!

  5. have a great trip! i´m going to check out the photo trade. i hope i´m not too late. thanks for the link!


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