04 July 2009

link love

today we are going up to whidbey island to celebrate the 4th of july with jon's family. i hope it is not too hot, but hot enough. before we pack up and hop on the ferry, i'll share with you some links i've been enjoying lately.

little postcards by alexandria. her polaroids are so simple and beautiful that they sometimes surprise me in their stunning beauty. i also love her blog because she is from seattle and she has a huge list of bibliophile links. plus all the books she mentions are linked to Powells, the largest inependant bookstore in the nation, based out of portland. (they have an amazing online prescense and loads of used books, so that you can find almost any book in or out of print throught there site. use it.)

notes by naive
by tommy. tommy has a series of "lo-fi travel guides," taken with her lomo lc-a in cities ranging from paris, singapore, portland, and london. i love the look and concept of these guides. they have really inspired me for my upcoming trip to montreal. lo-fi paris is my favorite, check it out.

stephanie's photostream. she has really mastered the wide variety of toy cameras, using a diana, a lomo, a holga, hogaroid and more. her pictures are amazing! especially this one.

enjoy and have a great 4th, for those who celebrate.


  1. So many gorgeous links here. Thank you!!
    Happy 4th to you too.

  2. thanks for that last link! i haven't seen that one before. her photos are stunning! *

  3. *blush* thanks for your sweet words about my blog. I'm excited about the other links you shared too! Hope you're loving this sunny Seattle day! :)
    p.s. pretty poppy photographs!

  4. i am blushin too ! thanks for the kind words concerning my pictures, i am happy you like them !

  5. "poppies, poppies will put them to sleep - The Wicked Witch of the West." I love poppies. thanks for sharing


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