13 July 2009

dear blog, i will miss you

dear blog,

i am writing to you now because tomorrow night i will be on a plane. and after i get off the plane i will be in a whole new world. blog, i have to leave you for a few weeks. it's not that i want to. no, i'd love nothing more than to keep coming back to you, telling you all about what i am doing and thinking. but i have to leave you for two weeks because i wont really be able to show you what i am doing. and that's the most important thing.

i promise, blog, when i get back that i will have more pictures than you can handle. i will fill your ears in images. i will. i promise.

i also promise, blog, that when i get back i will soon make it to that special 100th post and thank my amazing readers for their support by giving them free things.

my dear blog, i will miss you.

i may poke my head in, but if not you can count on seeing me back here on july 27th!
wish me luck in new york, montreal and quebec city!


  1. have a wonderful time! can´t wait to see the pictures! besos-jane

  2. What a sweet blog you have here! Safe travels!

  3. Hope you have a good trip! Looking forward to your return with lovely pictures ;)

  4. have a great trip anna - phew for a moment i thought you were saying goodbye blog as in i'm not going to continue writing. i'm glad it's only a break : ) looking forward to the photos also!

  5. Have a good trip - looking forward to seeing the pics afterwards

  6. Anna, your blog is missing you too and looking forward to your return! Have a safe journey!


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