08 August 2009

new york public library to times square

the new york public library to times square.
there are sections of the streets in times square that have recently been closed off to traffic. they are now open to...lawn chairs! and the goal for the end of the summer is for them to have real couches. we relaxed in pink ad blue lawn chairs for a bit of our third and last day in new york.
unfortunately, we didn't bring newspapers like the couple in the second to last photo.

don't forget about the giveaway...


  1. Great :)
    I love the second and fourth one the most.
    I love old buildings et j'aime les photos un peu floues.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. really love these photos anna! taken with you holga right? : ) have a great sunday

  3. thanks eli and lea!
    yes, they are from my holga.

  4. so lovely! the holga really captures something special about nyc...

  5. montague: coming from a new york resident, that means a lot!!

  6. Great photos. Looks like the weather in the NYC isn't much better than here in London.

    I wonder about those chairs - why would anyone want to lounge in Times Square? I remember it as a place to quickly walk through from one end to another.

  7. Oh my goodness how I love these holga photographs! I like that you went to the library on your vacation...I have a tendency to seek similiar things out on holiday as well. Awesome!

  8. Mmm, I love that Holga blur.


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