10 August 2009

trains and planes and cross country

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well, there is definitely still a lot of new york pictures left. i think i will do one more post of them after this and then move onto montreal-- the destination!
top image: the glass shop cafe
second: the strand book store
last three: walking across the brooklyn bridge.
i'm going to the ocean for two nights. i cannot wait. it's amazing, after such exciting travel on trains and planes and cross country, i think that this trip to the ocean will be the best thing about my summer! i am going to a spot on the olympic peninsula that i have gone to just about every year of my life. i didn't get to go last summer because i started a new job, so it has been two long years waiting to return. i didn't know how much i missed it. i can't wait for everything! for the familiar drive, the beautiful winding road along the lake, the pit stop for groceries, the last phone call before you lose reception, the first sight of the waves, the first smell of fresh ocean air! oh i can't wait!

i wish you a good week and i'll see you here on friday with the last of my new york pictures!


  1. Have a great trip!
    ps. I thought the quality of Moo cards was excellent!

  2. three of my favorite things to do in NYC!

  3. beautiful photos. and it really does sound like you've had an amazing trip cross country. i'm looking forward to the montreal photos :)

  4. Another set of great photos! Yay for the books one!

  5. thanks all!

    jane: i'm really glad to hear moo does a good job. i think i will go with them.

    montague: yay!

    trinsch: thank you, i will be posting the montreal photos soon.

    alexandria: can't deny my book-love! that was the strand bookstore.


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