01 August 2009

100th post Giveaway!

the baker's daughter 100th post giveaway celebration

as you probably could tell by all those taunting warning signs i gave you, i've been thinking about this giveaway for awhile. what i want to do is both thank all of my new and old friends and readers of this blog but also get feedback from you.

i have been wondering what it would be like to set a little online shop? a way to share my prints with people, as well as another creative outlet for me (for example, getting all the fun fixings that goes with sending out photos). to explore this exciting endeavor, i'd like to know your preferences. then i'd like to give you free photos!

to win
in the comments section:

1. please choose and tell me one photo from each set that you would love to have in your hands. (see links to larger pictures below)

2. choose your favorite format: photo print, post card, greeting card, other

3. if you have any other thoughts, suggestions or ideas for an online shop, please share! (not required to win)

*make sure your name is linked back to a place where i can get ahold of you (i.e. your blog that allows comments or your flickr photostream, etc.)

on august 15th i will radomly select someone who has commented on this post with all the above info and send them their two prints of choice! please spread the word.
thanks for all your support and enthusiasm here.

set one. (yashica) 1. crow 2. nw strawberries are small and sweet 3. yellow bike 4. bouquet

set two. (holga) 1. summer night's air 2. iris 3. i felt like dancing 4. the university bridge

(if there is another photo of mine that is not here but you just love, you many list that as well. preferably a film shot)


  1. Anna, good for you!!
    I wish you all the luck on this. I remember how I had the same thoughts when I opened my etsy shop...
    There's no doubt for me that they are
    -nw strawberries are small and sweet
    Because they are also within my flickr favorites already!

  2. I've been having the same thoughts as you. I just don't know if I'd be brave enough to do so... I'll be checking back to these comments to see what other people suggest. Best of luck!
    My favourites are crow and I felt like dancing.

  3. i love postcards... and i've toyed with the same idea myself! so i'd be very interested to see with what you come up with! your photos are lovely, and i am sure people would stop by and shop!
    i love that photo with the reflection!

  4. Anna, I'm wishing you lots of success with your inspiring and inspirational endeavors! Your passion for photography shines through, so I have no doubts you'll be doing great. I just love this mystery in your photos, all of them...

    P.S. If pressed to choose, I'd go for 'nw strawberries are small and sweet' and 'the university bridge'

  5. hey anna, congratulations on the 100th post and on your webshop plans - sounds exiting! i have been having the same thought but for now i will concentrate on my drawings.

    so hard to pick only two from the sets...well from the yashica one i prefer the "crow" and the holga set i would have to be "i felt like dancing" looking forward to hear more about the project!

  6. I wish you the best with your new future shop. I have to say the nw strawberries photograph is my favorite along with the dancing daisies. Beautiful!

  7. well, my favorite is the iris - but a close second is the bouquet.

  8. My selections are:

    Bouquet as a postcard


    Summer Night's Air as a print.

    It was hard to decide. Good job.

  9. hi anna, what a nice surprise!
    wish you good luck with the project! my favourites are the crow and the university bridge.
    I also love the photo with the quote of bresson (27 june) an the may 29 post ' down by the tracks' with the bleu car.
    actually, i love all your photos!

  10. bouquet and summer night -- as a print. i do love giveaways! a shop would be fun, though i'm not sure i have many suggestions...

  11. WOW, you are the third blogger I've read today with their 100th post. Congratulation - I've got some catching up to do ;0)

  12. anna. these are beautiful. i'm so happy for you and so excited for your wonderful shop! i just know it's going to do well. let's see. i can't decide between the bird on the wire and the bikes. i love both of those. and in the collage below, i'd have to say the bridge shot, bottom right. these collages are wonderful and would both make great postcards. overnightprints.com makes a heck of a great quality postcard and can even do rounded edges, if you like that sort of thing, but you have to buy in quantity. might be good, though, for creating postcard sets, if you're willing to make the investment. i'm considering doing that myself, at some point. let me know if i can offer any more support or do anything else to help. i'm so excited that you're doing this! take care * tifanie.

  13. I like the bike and the bouquet a lot but if i have to choose one in each set, i would go with the bouquet and the bridge...as prints, the format you decide..

    Thanks for this great idea :)

  14. hmm. my favorites are all in set 1 if that's ok.
    bouquet as a print
    nw strawberries also as a print
    i love them. and i think it's a great idea you have! good luck, awesome dearie.

  15. the bicycle pic! i love love looooove it!!!

    and i think the picture/postcard idea is fantastic. good way to spread around photographer's artwork!

  16. Hi Anna
    I like them all but probably crow and university bridge the best...also I think postcards are a great format (I just had some printed by moo cards). Good luck with the shop!

  17. you have a great blog, I enjoyed the photos from New York, a city close to my heart. Congratulations on your 100th! my favourite is the summer nights air, postcards are a good format. All the best P.K.

  18. Anna - congrats!!! I've got a little more than 20 to go.

    yello bike and summer night's air for me and postcard. Congrats again. I'll link to your giveaway in today's post. cheers!

  19. Anna, your blog is so lovely! Of the pictures I am especially fond of the strawberries and the university bridge. Prints would be best. My bare walls are sad walls.

  20. I like the crow and the bridge the best. If I win I would like to have prints. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it is not too late as today IS the 15th, yikes!


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