18 August 2009

quartier latin a montreal

we've made it to montreal! that is, the blog has made it. i've already come and gone. but finally the pictures have arrived.
1. colorful mural about aids.
2. & 3. colorful street art: clothes hanging out to dry.
4. quebec library

also, i've met a new blog/flickr friend from montreal. for more montreal, go say hi to eli of aussi cool que toi.


  1. it was one of my favorite places in montreal!

  2. Awesome photographs of the hanging clothes!

  3. Oh, thank you for the link :)
    I love these photographs, it's fun to see my city through someone else's eyes!

  4. love these photos, amazing light and eye!

  5. i've got a friend whose just returned to montreal to live & i'd like to visit him. your posts have brought the city alive, making me want to go there even more!


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