27 August 2009

inspiration to get you through

some great inspiring links that have kept my wheels turning all day.

*brian ferry's newest project. i think it is ingenious! he pushes the envelope of scrapbooking and photo collecting with this simple, elegant and well put together book.

*on choice via nectar & light. you may all know about my faithfulness and passion in supporting independent bookstores. well, this post reminds us of the importance of being locally or independently minded when it comes to any type retailer. i love this quote "A company that is making enormous profits in a recession doesn't need me. That's all. That's my choice. I won't judge you for yours." i have to agree that when it comes to choosing where and who i give my money to, i'd like to choose wisely.

one more day to the weekend! any end of summer plans you'd like to share?

comments to last posts' comments:
julia: i love holgas! and i emailed you more description of my experience with them
polly: thank you! i didn't even consider the vintage look of the first shot, but i'm glad you mentioned it.
brian: thanks! those bagels were soooo good.
ida: it took me awhile to get to know my holga. i'm still learning. just wait, i know it will warm up to you soon.
alexandria: thank you so much! i'm glad that you can get the feel of my trip from these photos.
des: nice to meet you and thank you :)


  1. I agree with nectar & light - thanks for the link.

    Thanks for the info about Langdon Cook's reading - I'd love to come.

    We're heading to Cannon Beach for one last hurrah.

  2. I loved both links. Brian Ferry takes excellent pictures-loved them all.
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. i had no idea that huckleberries were actual berries! i love this new piece of information :)


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