27 October 2009

october 27

more film images from my walk to work last week. aaah, seattle is having the best fall. i can't stop talking about it! speaking of the best fall, my work has been really vibrant lately. we have hosted so many amazing and inspiring authors this october, i'm sort of sad for it to start slowing down next month. for those of you who don't know or are unclear, i work at an independent bookstore, in the author events department. that means that I--along with four other people--organize, book, promote, set up, introduce and clean up all of the bookstore's community events. mostly, authors tour for their newest book and we host them, but we do other promotions and community related work as well. it's invigorating, intellectual, social and inspiring. and, like i said, this october has been madness in the best sort of way. i've had an event practically every night of the week! i've introduced or hosted people like taylor branch, sarah vowell, langdon cook, tracy kidder, bill thorness, tim flannery...the list goes on.

and last night, jonathan lethem. i know i said a few things about him last week and how i was having a hard time with his new book. no more. chronic city is about manhattan, a step out of lethem's traditional brooklyn scenery. he says it is about the "solacism of manhattan" and the "solacism of cultural obsession." he talked about art as everyone's and how the book will never disappear because it has invested itself too deeply into culture.  it will only mold itself to how the world changes. and, relating his internet bookmark tabs to life in manhattan (or the big world, for that matter), he said "if the rest of the internet disappered, how long would it take me to notice? we create a tiny, controlable system out of gigantic possibilities."

like i said, our super packed events schedule will be soon teetering off to a trickle of only a few events a week and i am both sad to see the busy season go and ready for a well-deserved rest.

what is inspiring you lately?


  1. This fall has been spectacular! And your job sounds inspiring. I'm inspired by time alone, lately, fit between the hustle and bustle of my life...slowing down to notice what I'm noticing.

  2. Your job really does sound so inspiring. Thanks for clarifying ;-) And, oh, those leaves, so so gorgeous. Stunning pictures!

  3. These last few leaf posts have been great. I love the contrast between the orange and green.

    Thank you for your kind comment.

    see you in blogland!

  4. sounds like you have such a wonderful job! very inspiring ideed.

    the photos are lovely, everytime i see your fall images, i remember it so well. even though i'm not sure fall is usually that pretty in denmark :)

  5. i love these photos anna! sounds like such an interesting job you have.

  6. beautiful photos - film makes such a difference, doesn't it?

    i've been a huge, huge lover of jonathan lethem since his gun with occasionally music days (motherless brooklyn and fortress of solitude are my faves though, duh), but i haven't been getting that into his latest stuff - chronic city & you don't love me yet. maybe i just need to give them more time.


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