21 October 2009

a list for the evening

hello there. i don't feel like i have much to say recently. i hope that's okay. instead, maybe i'll make a list.

1. wendell berry has a new book of poems out, called leavings. i have yet to open it, but i'm quite excited.
2. i'm reading this right now and having a hard time with it. while i'd rather disagree with the new york times' bad review and more agree with the stranger's view, i still can't seem to sit through the book. at any rate, i'm hosting an author event with jonathan lethem at the sunset tavern and can't wait. who cares if i don't like the book, he's still an american literary fiction icon.
3. i would put this up in my house.
4. i may have started tweeting...maybe...you can find out here. yikes.
5. listening to a conversation on the state of publishing.

hope you are well


  1. Ohh, your job sounds interesting...an author event...wow!

  2. i'd just like to say that i love this photo. gives me a great feeling.

  3. oh i know what you mean, not feeling like talking. i've been having trouble taking photos as well. perhaps it's this cold i have. not sure. in any case, your blog/photos/words are all lovely. very inspiring. thank you anna. *

  4. i admire you and am inspired by you. i cry every time i read your writing. I'm so proud to be your friend! don't stop creating. don't stop creating. see you soon.

  5. this photo reminds me of traveling. it makes me dream.

    (i added you on twitter!)

  6. I added Leavings to my to-read list. I haven't read any Wendell Berry in a while.


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