23 October 2009

five senses friday: at work

happy friday!
these are some of my own fall film favorites, from that walk to work i told you about. today i'm going to participate in this week's five senses friday, hosted by abby. i happen to be at work right now and though i don't normally post at work, i have a half an hour of down time, so here we go...

five senses of this moment, right now:

*taste: coffee, slightly sweetened

*touch: the fresh spines of new books and the soggy, warm spines of old books.

*hear: the world's greatest reader, nancy pearl, asking thoughtful questions (i'm overseeing the filming of book lust!). she has such a distinct voice.

*smell: the residual of my wonderful soap on my hands, it's called "sea berry"

*see: people browsing in stacks and rows of books, bright, blinding studio lights of the seattle channel, filming book lust in our bookstore.

have a great day!


  1. Beautiful composition on the top image.

  2. Very nice! Have a golden weekend. xoxo

  3. Agree with Tom; the composition on the first picture is superb!!

  4. Love the five senses description:)

  5. i love the quiet, almost secret, feeling i get in these these words. and, i love nancy pearl.

  6. oh sooo pretty! love these photos. *

  7. loved reading your five senses. something calm and soothing about them :)

  8. Lovely post Anna! You have a way with words.


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