30 October 2009

october 30

i'm so happy it is friday! the other night i made caramel apples with a friend. we stirred up a deep, dark caramel and dipped the apples in them. once the caramel was set, we decorated the apples with anything and everything from dark chocolate, toasted almonds, coconut, chocolate nibs, white chocolate, more caramel, cocoa nibs, milk chocolate shavings, sea salt and orange sprinkles (for that halloween flare). delicious.

i have no big plans for the weekend, but if i do end up celebrating halloween i think i will be her. i do, however, have big plans for next week and updated news on my photo shop. until then, or before if i feel the inspiration...


  1. sounds divine. and what a great person to "be"! have a wonderful weekend. beautiful shot. xo

  2. Wonderful picture!
    And a great choice of personality as well!
    Wishing you a great Halloween week-end should you decide to celebrate it or not!

  3. i looove this photo! and, your sweet apples sound yummy.

    so glad that ms. leibovitz was granted an extension on her loan ...


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