02 November 2009

just you, take your time

november is...
dark evenings
cold mornings
soups, casseroles, sage and squash
hot tea
slower, quieter
still pies
brown sweaters
rain coats
cranberries, apples and pears

i had a great weekend, full of cleaning and organizing and relaxing and going out for coffee and "wu tang brunch" with friends and listening to al green's lay it down album.

happy november!


  1. your headline photo is about equally as comforting to me as wu brunch is. great photos of pals, pastry and lulu indeed.

    also, this weekend was a sam cooke weekend for me, but al's a fine choice too. soulvember?

  2. mmmm, i can take a november like that. and your weekend sounds very relaxing and lovely too :)

    happy november to you.

  3. I like your list for November....
    Wishing you a happy November too!

  4. i wish i could spend november with you! big blankets and cozy, cozy sweaters. endless balls of yarn, yellows, reds and browns... walking around the farmers markets with hot cups of cider warming up our hands, canvas bags full of squash, pumpkin pie, and the last of those beautiful, bright sunflowers! i have been buying them every week for my mom. they were her favorite... pretty flowers, but not in a dainty way- they also have a roughness about them. i imagine coming inside after a walk. The leaves crunching underneath our feet, and our noses are a little red. the sun goes down so much earlier, especially with daylight savings. the sunset was pretty though. a warm house feels nice. So does the scarf around my neck. It is bulky. I love bulky scarfs, but not wool- too itchy. i decide to keep my scarf on, and i am happy that i put a pair of slippers in my bag. i can smell warm bread in the oven, and i ask if you would teach me how to bake. love you!

  5. A very nice description of November, I always seem to see the darker side of this month. Your list made me think of the warm and cozy side of November.

  6. happy november to you too. i've officially declared butternut squash and sage risotto my favorite meal for the season. it'll taste even better this month, i'm sure.

  7. Lovely words to describe November indeed. I liked it!

  8. Sounds like a perfect way to start off the month of November.xoxo

  9. i love this shot :) i've been cursing november today & this made me smile!


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