03 November 2009


 well, hello. i am excited to announce the unveiling of my new photo shop! i have decided to move my wares over to big cartel to have a bit more control in the design of the shop and a more personalized look. i hope you can stop by over at the sweet potato anna photo shop to say hello. it is so nice and cozy over there. for now i have new fall images and some classic, popular images both as fine art prints. i hope, as we near the holiday season, to add more items and maybe some diversity in format (think: notecards, postcards, etc.).

to celebrate my new space, and all my lovely blog readers you can enjoy 15% off orders from now until next monday, november 9th.just enter bakerdaughter as the discount code.



  1. Beautiful! Congrats on your new shop. xoxo

  2. big congrats, anna! it all looks so great.

  3. Looks great! Never hesitate to ask us any questions you may have along the way. :)

  4. gorgeous! congrats on your new shop :)

  5. Oh this is such great news ! Perfect for Xmas presents !!!

  6. Looks really lovely, Anna!

    I've been thinking about some sort of off-Etsy shop for a while. We will have to chat about what you think of Big Cartel.


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