02 September 2009

last night i...

...hung up my pictures on the wall of a cafe!!! for the month of september, i am having a photo show with my dad at the blue saucer cafe in maple leaf (neighborhood in seattle). i've shared my dad's photos here before, but take a look at his website! it is an honor to hang my humble photos next to his. but it was so fun to print and to frame and to organize and then hang. and they look great up there on the walls. i wish you could all visit.

thank you for all your wonderful comments on my last post. it means a lot to know that you aren't sick of my trip photos or that you wont laugh at me if i post a photo of the beach in october. (p.s. it's just the washington coast, so don't expect anything too sunny or tropical. mostly cloudy with a chance of rain). and thank you all for following the baker's daughter and for sharing your comments and for being so positive. you brighten my day!

today is jon's birthday and i'm excited to have a special treat to celebrate. i baked a huckleberry pie last night. i hope you get a special treat in your day, too. for jon.


  1. congratulations anna! how exciting! so i guess i know where you´ll be having coffee tomorrow! haha! besos-jane

  2. Just came back from the blue saucer. the prints look even better today - and the baristas were all very excited about them.
    P.S. Happy Birthday Jon

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  4. Congrats. How exciting. I wish I could drop by to have a peek ;-)

  5. yay! congratulations - that must feel so exciting!

  6. Congratulations! That is such an achievement and a wonderful thing to experience with your father.


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