01 September 2009

september 1

is it really september already?
and i haven't even gotten to show you my photos from quebec city. or my farm photos! or my beach photos! i've been a little slow. in my idealism i like to do things seasonally, but i'm learning that with film, time gets rearranged; slows down and stops and starts. i kind of like it.
but will you be okay if i show you beach shots once the weather starts getting cool and the evenings are darker? how will you feel about fields of fresh farm food when the tomatoes and summer greens start to disappear? do you have patience to sit through the last leg of my canada trip into the beautiful, european looking city of quebec? and really, how will i feel posting all my summer shots when leaves are crunching under my feet? i hope it will be an important re-living and looking backwards. i've always processed my experiences on the slow side, taking time for them to sink in. this will be no different. i hope you are along for the ride.

happy september

comments on comments:
rahel: thank you for finding me and stopping by my blog! i'm excited to get to know yours better.
jane: welcome back, i has a lot of fun seeing your daily questions. i hope there will be more giveaways.
trinsch: thank you thank you. you have a great week too.


  1. Cosmos! Lots of loveliness in this photo. I am glad the photo tour is not over yet!

  2. i look forward to tomato and beach photos in the future ... it's when we'll need them most!

  3. i don't bother, love summer photos;
    have a peep at my tonight post, i was making some sort of summer requiem:-)
    i didn't receive your package yet, i think i'm going to the post tomorrow and have a check.
    How long does it taken do you think, to send a parcel to europe?
    Love that cosmos photo.

  4. oh I'm not sure about the beach photos when the days get darker and colder, they can be very dark and gloomy here in England and the beach will make me yearn...

    looking forward to the pictures from your trip. especially those of quebec, I've never been there


thanks for your comment! i appreciate hearing from you.