26 April 2009

a shot through a hole

today is worldwide pinhole photography day!
i'm not going to pretend that i do pinhole, but i do want to direct you to the worldwide pinhole day site. already, there are over 100 uploads from pinhole photographers around the world. check out the gallery here. some of-actually most of-these photos are stunning! beautiful and soft, bright and blurry. i just love it.

for my own part, i have decided to feature my favorite pinhole photographer, master of subtlety and softness, thomas micklin. two of tom's digital pinholes were featured in eric renner's newest book pinhole photography 4th ed: from historic technique to digital application. tom has a background in bromoil prints and platinum/palladium kallitypes. his work spans ireland, budapest and cracow, but he is best known for capturing the beautiful scenery of the pacific northwest.

here are two of his zone plate shots, the first is brand new!
the whole process of pinhole is great. i like the simplicity of being able to make a camera out of anything with a little whole poked into it, but i really like the philosophy of choosing and composing your shot and then exposing it for 3, 4, sometimes up to 15 minutes! your camera open and exposed to light for so long while you just stand there, still and contemplating. how cool.

has anyone experimented in pinole? do you have any online somewhere? do share!

check out tom's site and the pinhole photography day site for more beautiful pinholes.

as for me, i have finally put up a flickr badge. i started flickr a while ago, but have been a little distant and inactive. it is my goal to be more active and make more friends on flickr. so come say hi to me and remind me that's it's not so scary! and i will probably be saying hi soon, too.

(two side notes to tom micklin's feature: 1. i'll be putting him on my inspired photos tab this week, stop by tomorrow to view it! 2. he's my dad)

enjoy national pinhole day and have a slow, still and contemplative day :)


  1. i had no idea there was a special day to celebrate pinhole photography! i got instructions once, but never followed through. the gallery encourages me to do so now!


  2. Anna, now we know whom you took after, what with all your creativity and artistic views!!

    Shame on me -- I even did not know what pinhole photography is. So thanks again for enlightening me. :)

  3. They do have a lovely dreamy quality, don't they? I have never tried pinhole photography but would like to - I love the idea of making your own camera...


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