02 September 2009

surprising beauty

i guess one thing that isn't always so glamorous about shooting with a 1970's camera is that it doesn't always do basic things. like advance fully. sometimes the whole roll from my yashica is on one frame, leaving the rest blank. and then i cry for a bit. and then i get over it and keep shooting. but this time the whole roll was like these pictures above. each frame overlapping the next. besides wishing so much i had just a simple shot of the beach, these photos have their own beauty, don't they? the third one is like a natural made diptych. and the first one is by far my favorite. how did it know to frame that boulder just so? and if you look very closely at it, there is a shadow of people on the right hand side. eerie.

well, anyway, not all the roll had the surprising beauty of these shots, but i'll go on. in the meantime i'm in the market for a new vintage camera.

*yes, these are my beach shots. there are a few more, still imperfect in a different way. taken on the olympic peninsula of washington state, my favorite place.

sweet potato anna (my photo shop) is having a sale! from now (sept 3rd) to september 7th receive 10% off everything! and if you purchase two or more prints, receive 15% off. i'll try to stop advertising my shop soon, but i'm just so excited! i've got some new stamps and ribbons to package up each shipment just beautifully and i can't wait to grow a little more, because i have all these great ideas!

you know who else works with a vintage yashica and is celebrating the birth of her postcard shop with a giveaway? ida!

is it not friday yet?
jane: yes, i just want to sit in that coffee shop all day and see how people react to my photos. is that weird? :)
tom (dad): yay! i can't wait to go back.
ida: i wish you could drop by, too. and once again congrats on your shop!
montagugue: thank you!


  1. This is nice Anna!
    So calming :)

  2. i love the muted tones, mixed with the mixed frames... worked out well!

  3. I'm in love with these!!!!! I actually thought that you'd used some kind of processing tool when you developed these. They all seem like they're suppose to look that way.
    And thank you so much for mentioning my shop. I'm beginning to be really excited about the whole thing (and I spend way to much time on etsy!!)

  4. Also, your 'farmer's flowers' picture is on the first page of the 'gift guides' Labor Weekend Sale on etsy! :-D

  5. Link

  6. These are awesome! What a sweet thing to find once developed. So glad you shared these.

  7. oh my...i am swooning over all of these gorgeous shots!!!

  8. Such beautiful photos! I'm so enjoying your blog, and I'm in Seattle too.

  9. anna-

    these are totally rad, my favorites of yours easily thus far. i'm buying every single one that doesn't have people in them (which are nice too, i just want them for decoration primarily, and native vegetation wins over people in that category almost every time). i'm too dumb to use etsy, can we talk about my buying some of these framed when we come over next week? or maybe i'll figure out how to do it online...

  10. Oh my goodness what a gorgeous sequence of photographs!!! My holga often surprises me with overlapped shots but I have never captured a series that soft and beautiful.

  11. these are absolutely fabulous anna! incredible that the effect is purely coincidential! the color tones are very nice as well

  12. Lovely photos! My last roll taken with my Yashica didn't come out, I was so sad :( But I am trying again, fingers crossed!

  13. such a successful mistake! :)

  14. I love when an accident turns out so well. These pictures are so beautiful!


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