07 September 2009

the end of the road

this bridge has a sign next to it that says "bridge dangerous: cross at your own risk."
today is labor day and it is raining. it's been raining all weekend and i finally have to face the fall and the dark. rain in seattle is so nostalgic. after a beautiful long summer, the crisp, wet fresh air reminds me of going back to school, of hot tea inside with sweatshirts on, of running from house to car, of puddles and soggy pant legs. i know there is beauty and comfort in the fall and i know that the rain is the only way to support the beautiful lush spring and summers. i just have to get prepared...

thank you all for the FABULOUS (!) comments on my last post. i'm so blown away by how much you loved those photos that every comment i got made me go back and look and love them more. i appreciate all the new people who have commented and all my stand-by friends who keep giving me great feedback and support. thank you all!

it is the last day of my labor day weekend sale and i have added one photo from the double exposed roll. i'll be adding more of that roll to the shop soon, but since that one is my personal favorite, i thought i'd give it a day on sale. go take a look at the boulder shot! it is 10% off and 15% off with the purchase of another item. but for you, if you enter weekend deals + the baker's daughter in the message to seller, you get 20% any item in my shop today (monday) only! let me know if you have questions.

*i am going to try to post less about my shop than i have this week and instead set up a e-newsletter for those interested, thanks for your patience.

i hope you enjoy


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