10 September 2009

september 10

i don't really have much to say today, but i love the lines in these two photos, taken with my canon G10. i don't post digital photos on here much anymore. that's okay. i love film. but there are some treasures from the G10. these are from quebec city.

anything interesting you've been looking at online recently? i'd love a spruce up of inspiration.

enjoy your day!


  1. Love that first photo, so European!! Online inspiration; right now I'm completely absorbed in the world of Etsy!! I'm sure you understand ;-)

  2. lovely photos! it really does look very european.

    i have been awfully (or maybe joyfully?) lost in the real world since i got back from denmark ;) so not much online inspiration to share.

  3. beautiful photos. I love the time when it's just starting to get dark. love the lights and the colours of the sky!

  4. great photos. that first one reminds me of a certain paining by Van Gogh - it's the colour that did it

    and (gasp) canon managed it?!?! I'm a nikon fan, you see...

  5. The first photo looks like it could be so many cities in the world. I love that because it brings back memories.


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