01 June 2009

all the little birds

all the little birds chirpping this morning woke me up way earlier than i ever intended to get up. (of course, jon was already awake and out of the house by this time, but still, i was going to sleep in!) if there is anything, though, that i don't mind waking me up, it should be little birds chirpping. it's so beautiful and exciting! it's like that point when spring and summer merge together. when it is cosistently warm out, but not yet unbearable. or, when most of the flowers are in bloom or have bloomed and withered, but there is still the thought of late-comers budding for summer: dahlias, lilies, roses, daisies. that point when spring and summer merge is the best for me. i'm still so excited about spring weather, spring smells, spring sounds but i'm not yet into the full on summer lounging, tanning, travelling.

in seattle when the weather gets warm, everyone comes out. where do all these people hide for half the year? everyone smiles and talks, they are reborn from the long grey winter. everyone becomes more social. this weekend i met with a lot of different friends and we all walked around. walked to a movie, walked to breakfast, walked to drinks by the water. i harvested my arugula, which tastes so crisp and peppery, i love it. i ate most of my meals outside. the excitement of drinks and warm weather and lots of new and old friends is why was okay that the birds woke me up.

hope you had a great weekend and that you enjoy your new week!

also, as i mentioned last week, matthew amster-burton is speaking at u.bookstore tonight at 7pm!! come if you can. he's so funny.


  1. Anna, I hear you! The chirping birds are natural (literally) alarm clocks. Pretty adorable alarm clocks, come to think of it. :)


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