29 May 2009

down by the tracks

more from the yashica. i like finding areas that look old school or a little run down and shooting them with my yashica. it just feels right, like the 1970s camera was made to take pictures of old cars (which are current in the cameras eye), rusted buildings and train tracks. i thought these photos would make a good series. the top one is the first shot i took on the yashica and i'm really happy with how it turned out. i don't mind the light leak at all. the last two are from down near leary way, which is an industrial part of ballard. we had dinner at the hale's brewery and then walked around behind it. this is what i found!

tonight i am going to try to go to a movie at the seattle international film festival. seattle is so lucky to have an amazing organization like siff, which for 20 days brings tons of films from all over the world and bombards the indie theatres in town with them. the problem is is that i never make the most of this 20 day festival in may. i get overwhelmed by the options, or by my own time. last year i even had a few friends working for siff so i got in for free. i still only went to one movie. it was chinese and beautiful and i fell asleep for most of it. so, anyway i am trying my best to go tonight. there is a french film playing, made by the director of monsieur ibrahim. it's called with a little help from my friends. i hope i make it.

have a wonderful friday!

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