27 May 2009

yashica electro

poppy season! shots from my new yashica. i love these papery, light flowers. there are some in our yard that are just barely opening...they'll get there. i did have a recipe for recipe swap wednesday, but i'm too excited to show you these photos to pull out my recipe. sorry. maybe this evening?

i have other exciting news: on monday, june 1st matthew amster-burton, seattle food writer/creator of roots and grubs blog will be at university book store for his newest book hungry monkey!! i just finished hungry monkey and could not stop smiling or laughing. he is hilarious! and so is his cute little daughter, iris. so i am very excited to host them on monday. if you are around, please come to hear him. i know it will be really fun (two extra incentives: there may be food + he's friends with molly wizenberg!)

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