26 May 2009

sale rack

hello this week. did you have a good weekend? i did.

i almost forgot that i had to go back to work again. in fact, i almost forgot i had a full time job. now, that's a nice weekend. i don't have much time this morning to write, but i wanted to introduce my new inspired photo and this week's new camera theme. over there on the right is a wonderful, textured film shot by abby powell thompson from the infamous blog, abbytryagain. go check it out. abby's photogrpahy is one of the many reasons i wanted to explore old film cameras (lea bolvig's film explorations helped, too.) and when i saw a camera sale rack outside of jim's camera near my work, i picked up the nicest looking thing i found.

it turned out to be a yashica electro 35 G, of the 1970 vintage. it's that one on the top right.

i have to admit to you that i am still totally exploring and trying to figure this camera out, but it is so much fun!! i will be back with shots from this guy (disclaimer: they aren't all in focus) and some nice words about abby's shop (where you can even buy that photo over there on the right).
have a great start to your week!


  1. oh that sounds so exiting with the yashica electro 35 g! and what a rack, looks like vintage camera heaven to me : ) hey and i'm honoured to be mentioned!

  2. great photos! I love that your weekend was so fun you 'forgot you have a full-time job' :)


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