04 June 2009

hot hot days

it has been so hot here. it's 80 degrees! in june! in seattle! but, i like that it's new. it forces me to be creative about what i wear, it forces my plants out of their shell and into full bloom. it forces me to hang out with a lot of people and walk around in the evenings and sit outside for dinner. those are pretty good things.

for lack of much else to talk about, i've made a list.

right now, here is what is inspiring me:

sweet pea vines growing tall
reading a novela by my coworker
eating outside
iced coffee
sharing food
early morning birdsongs
sun tea (i make a batch every weekend with a new combination of tea bags)
recipes for popsicles and ice cream
waking up early and starting the day early
meeting this acclaimed man
daily choosing which camera to put into my bag
picture frames


i hope this list keeps expanding


  1. Hah! We have had the opposite here in Denver...the coldest, stormiest spring I've seen in years! Denver (contrary to popular belief) is mild, dry and warm, with very hot summers...usually!

  2. i love the iced coffee photo at bottom - perfect summer shot.


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