19 August 2010

quick dip

i've been a little distant, haven't i? so sorry about that. august is getting away from me and i'm seeking to grab it and hold on tight and enjoy. i finally got lots of film back, so i am ready to replenish this space. i am ready for more inspiration and more sharing. and i will admit it, i am nervous for fall.

next week: shots from a weekend of camping in the olympic national park.
here's to making the most of it all!


  1. Ah , les pieds dans l'eau !
    That's how I am going to spend my evening, feet in water and a good glass of wine... !
    enjoy !

  2. love these shots - i'm refreshed just looking at them. the light in #2 is incredible!

  3. The water in that top photograph is really cool. Summer is almost over. I am looking forward to cooler weather, but in LA cooler weather won't come until November.

  4. These are pretty : ) I think august is a light blogging month for everyone, hehe.


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