16 August 2010

summer skies

moon out, sun down, bright sky, long evenings, hot nights, cool nights, drizzles and breezes. this summer has seen a bit of everything, but i'm really grateful this weekend was hot and blistering. i needed to feel a good hot summer day before september. yesterday, i brought a bunch of peaches and plums home from the market and washed them to enjoy all week with yogurt or milk or on their own.

happy day to you.


  1. Sounds so good. My wife bought a bunch of nectarines the other day. They were just right perfect for slicing not hard and not mushy. I hate them when they're mushy.

    I eat them standing over the counter.

  2. Mmm that sounds delicious. I love the heat when I'm outside but my apartment is a sauna!

    That first picture is really dreamy : )

  3. Yum. I am on the lookout for some good peaches.

  4. I like when summer is incredibly hot too. It makes me remember how lucky I am that I get not only summer, but fall, winter, and then beautiful spring.

  5. oh, i'm so wishing for a hot summer's day before september!


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