23 August 2010

a guide to enjoying the olympic peninsula

a guide to enjoying the olympic peninsula
(northern edition)
-from seattle, you have two ferry options. i usually choose edmunds to kingston on the way out to the peninsula and bainbridge to seattle on the way home. if you go to the peninsula often enough, you'll start getting a feel for what routine you like best. or, better yet, try to do a different route each trip!
-get up on the deck quick to snag yourself a window seat, or spend the whole trip at the bow of the boat, feeling the wind and watching the waves.
camping in olympic national park
-we chose heart of the hills campground this time around, which is at the northern entrance of the olympic national park. from port angeles, you take a long winding road through forests, until you find the campground securely tucked away in old growth trees. it may be foggy or clear or drizzly. (one day i'll do a south, east and west edition of camping in the national park, but that will require more traveling)
-when you get there. set up your tent, breathe in deep and enjoy the quiet.


  1. Your photos look like the view from my front porch this morning in Anacortes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i'd do just
    about anything
    to take
    a little trip
    there just
    about now.

  3. I need to get back to the Pacific Northwest. Love this post.


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