25 August 2010

guide to the peninsula: hurricane ridge

hurricane ridge
-you can't go all the way out to heart of the hills campground without making the extra trek up to hurricane ridge. it is 12 miles from the campground and takes quite a long time, but you will never regret it. just go slow on those corners! the fog was so thick at camp that we were nervous to not see all the beauty at the top, but as soon as we rounded the bend to hurricane ridge, the sky opened and beautiful mountain tops appeared. 
-get out of the car and take in the panorama view of the top of the olympics. the mountain air is so fresh and crisp, mixing with the scent of sweet smelling sage and mountain flowers.
-the visitor center is worth a trip, if not for all the history and ecology information, then to check out the old signage--black and white pictures and mid-century fonts.
-here is the place to pack a picnic. take simple sandwiches and eat them on the benches with other visitors, overlooking the view.
-finally, mosey around on the trails past short mountain trees, leftover snow, deer and wildflowers, slowly taking all the beauty in.


  1. geez, i remember that place..seeing your photos brings back memories since its been a while...it was cloudy in bits when i was up there too..i love looking at your photo's and reading you words..

  2. Beautiful shots of one of my favorite places.

  3. The fog and tree photos are tremendous. Wow!

  4. These photos are like magic. Really great.


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