26 August 2010

a guide to the olympic peninsula: dungeness spit

dungeness spit
after a full day of drizzle, we were so happy to pack up our car and drive out sequim, the "banana belt" of the peninsula (the area is called that because it is always drier and warmer than any other parts of the northern peninsula). we stopped at my all-time favorite grocery stores, sunny farms and reserved a spot at the dungeness spit campground. 
-before walking down to the official dungeness spit, walk along the bluff overlooking the strait of juan de fuca and take a look at canada. if you stand there long enough, cruise ships and barges will pass by.
-the dungeness spit is a wildlife refuge and a $3 donation is required to journey down to the beach. it is absolutely worth it. the small hike down is scattered with signs about leaving no trace, disturbing no animals, taking only pictures and leaving shells and sticks where you found them. these signs are a great reminder of our impact on our environment and they made me wish signs like this were all over.
-bring binoculars, you might spot birds you've never seen before. 
i was so happy to be in a warm spot with lots of visual inspiration: the shapes and lines of the seaweed and the grass in the wind, the smooth rocks and the bright flowers.

one more day of olympic peninsula pictures and then i'm done. things are picking up around here and i'm getting a bit nervous for fall, but i'm throwing a party for jon's birthday this weekend (it's a big one) and i'm excited to celebrate the end of summer with good friends.

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  1. made my heart swell, this one. the spit holds scads of memories for me, including most of my best. i felt honored beyond belief that it was 90 the day we visited in july (what are the chances?!) the grocery store, however, is new to me! so many lovely shots here. happy (big) belated birthday.


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