03 June 2010

shop local outtakes part two

hello. here is more from the shop local ballard project i worked on for a friend. most all of these shots are from one place, bop street records. it was too cool in there to not go crazy with my camera. even though i think the store would have looked great on film, i'm glad i could use my digital and shoot with abandon. and i'm glad i could see if the light was right instantly. (don't worry film, you're still my number one).  the first shot is a cool stamp and engraving shop and the last two shots are from the people's pub

have you had a chance to read or add to the june lists? they are great! (scroll down to comments)


  1. I wish there'd be shop like these around here...

  2. very nice series. love the images

  3. These make me want to get out and explore ballard more!

    We should totally meet up! At solstice perhaps?
    : ) I just moved to Wallingford so I'm not too far away!

  4. two of my favorite places in the world


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