04 June 2010

off i go

i'm headed out this morning for a long weekend in minneapoli. going to see family, going to explore the city and going to meet a new friend. while i'm en route, i thought i would leave you with this poem i came across (that has nothing to do with traveling and more to do with life and language). wish me luck!

Remember how the naked soul
comes to language and at once knows
loss and distance and believing

then for a time it will not
run with its old freedom
like a light innocent of measure
but will hearken to how
one story becomes another
and will try to tell where
they have emerged from
and where they are heading
as thought they were its own legend
running before the words and beyond them
naked and never looking back

through the noise of questions

--W.S. Merwin, Shadow of Sirius


  1. Ooh I love that photo! Have a nice trip!

  2. have fun in minneapolis, it's a great city! lots of small diners, coffee shops, cafes,etc. that you can capture!

  3. love this poem!! have a great time!!

    ps:: i am in LOVE with the photos in your previous posts! love seeing little shops flourish!

  4. What a perfect poem. Love the shoes shot!


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