20 May 2010

trying to surround myself with happy

good morning! i've had a bit of a rough week, emotionally and i'm trying to surround myself with more things that make me happy. yesterday i had a sweet lunch with a new friend and i got a sneak peek inside a new chocolate factory. it's not really a factory yet, more of a chocolate making area. i've really been enjoying all the new uploads of my flickr friends. it is exciting to see new photos pop up and i really enjoy the ongoing conversations that will come up there.

i baked a leek bread pudding because baking always brings me some calm. it came out delicious, but very very rich (and i even used reduced fat milk!).  i harvested some beautiful and tender kale in our garden, then steamed it for dinner. tonight i plan on using up the rest of our multi-colored potatoes. i also plan on a long walk.

i have to work all weekend, so taking little bouts of pleasure where i can is important right now. staying calm and happy can be hard sometimes.


  1. Great photos- great tights!
    I think a walk will make you feel better!
    Have a good day!

  2. Agreed, little bouts of pleasure are highly important! I hope you can take as many of them as possible until you feel better. Even though the weather is awful now, I think being outside really helps me when I'm feeling down, so many going on more walks will be nice. Besides there's always the chance that you'll walk by some incredible smelling, freshly bloomed flowers! : )

    ps my roommate just made a leek souffle the other day (not at home), what are the odds!

  3. your happymaking things sound perfect. i agree- it is so important to do the little things that make you happy when times are rough. lately for me, that's mostly been being in my garden, reading a new book, and a little bit of knitting.

  4. I hear you.
    Hope you have a good weekend and find some moments of goodness.

  5. oh, anna. hold on when it's rough. i hope you get some good moments in this weekend. take a photo walk. always works for me. xo

  6. hope this weekend is so fabulous it makes up for any hard times you had during the week!!

    harvested my own kale yesterday---so i can attest to the goodness :)

    love these photos!! keep looking up :)

  7. wishing you many sweet little moments. I know you will find them, since you are looking! love the new photos.

  8. Hey there,

    stumbled on your blog, and your photos are cool, and i like your writing too.

    Added to google reader! :)


  9. Hello,

    I got on this blog through Flickr and I'm happy I ended up here.
    I hope you're able to make yourself happier. It's been rough for me too lately but visiting nice blogs like yours helps me a lot. :)



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