21 May 2010

bike to work day

it's bike to work day! may is bike month and all month i've been joining some coworkers in striving to bike to work more often. some of my coworkers bike everyday, year round and others used to bike more and now are being pushed to get back on the saddle with our enthusiasm. i myself had not ridden my bike to work habitually until may started. it is rejuvenating to have this new goal for myself - to hop on my bike as much as i can. my ride is very short and pretty easy so it is a doable goal that makes me feel great. and my coworkers cheer me on.

today is the actual bike to work day, where there will be stations at heavy bike commuter roads all over the city to hand out fun goodies. i think it's funny that i'm writing this when i so recently posted about seattle transportation last week. i don't think it will be a theme, since i'm no expert just an enthusiast, but in a way it is fitting because seattle's mayor just released an initiative called walk. bike. ride. it's very cool.

happy bike trails!


  1. yay, how cool!

    i used to bike to work all year round, stopping short only when temperatures fell beneath -10 °C..., but now i work at home. i miss these daily bike commutes. still, i ride my bike everywhere else!

  2. that's awesome that you're biking to work! I was going to bike to school the other day and discovered unpleasantly that my bike wont roll backwords (whaat?!) so I figured I better not take it out.

    this has inspired me to figure out whats wrong with it asap though so I can get out and enjoy it more!

  3. I wish I could bike to work. That would be really cool. I could have my daily exercise while being caressed by a breeze of fresh air, but alas I live too far from everytthing.

  4. i haven't looked at this for a little while and am so pleasantly surprised by everything you've been doing on here. its so beautiful and inspiring anna. i hope you know how creative and talented you are

    i love and really miss you!

  5. I am so glad you got a picture of the foil bike spokes!


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