24 May 2010

farmer's markets

it is a funny point in the year where spring produce is in full abundance, but our csa hasn't started up weekly and our garden is only on the verge of bursting, not yet plentiful enough to eat off of. because of this, we have made it a weekly habit to visit the farmer's market. i love watching the dark leafy greens and roots slowly give way to asparagus and rhubarb, and now to see those fade out and make room for the spring onions and green garlic. soon, beans and peas will show up and i will get a cup of ice cream as we shop around.

yesterday was a busy day, so we got to the market just as it opened, reaping the benefits of smaller crowds and first pick from every stand. i got a bunch of mustard greens, green onions and a bunch of collards then went home and stir-fried them all together with some chard pickings from our yard. lately, this type of cooking is so satisfying to me. roasted potatoes and beets are standard and i'm sprinkling chives or green onions over everything. it is all so wonderful.

happy monday and thanks to those of you who left sweet comments encouraging me through my rough week, last week.


  1. i love the market! however-- my i had my first salad from the garden last week--and NOTHING beats it!!

  2. I love going to the FM and we try and make it every week- even if it's just to get a small treat- Love to support local businesses.
    Lovely photographs.

  3. The leeks look so fresh. I don't think I've ever seen this many.

  4. Ditto that. Amazing, isn't it, how the whole grows together/goes together thing pans out? Floors me, still.

  5. I love that picture of the leeks! What a pile!

    I'm also anxiously awaiting my CSA - I'm so excited for summer produce! Every now and then I start dreaming about heirloom tomatoes and totally lose focus on what I'm doing! : )

  6. Look at all those leeks! Love it! This post made me even more excited for this Saturday's farmers market... I've been insanely busy with finals and graduating until yesterday and now I get to have time to leisurely stroll across the river and make myself fresh, local, delicious meals! Yay!

  7. wow, that's a lotta leeks...

    i love it when you write about your garden, markets and cooking!


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