19 May 2010

edible plants

a couple weekends ago we finished up our garden shopping at the seattle tilth edible plant sale. every year i look forward to this sale. seattle tilth stocks so many unique varieties of edible plants that it is hard not to resist wanting to get creative in the garden. seattle tilth is also a really great resource for gardeners in the seattle area.

we ended up with a box full of eggplant, two types of peppers, basil, edible flowers, broccoverde, two heirloom tomatoes, herbs and more. jon and i rode our bikes to the sale and we took jon's cargo bike, which was able to fit our box of edible plants plus a bag of compost. it was such a fun adventure!

now the plants happily sit on the window sill waiting for warmer weather.

p.s. graham, i have more pictures of the sale for you. let's talk.


  1. never heard of broccoverde- I'll have to look it up.

  2. must have been fun - you are so lucky to have a garden!

  3. put the last of my transplants in the ground yesterday!! can't wait to have some fresh herbs, peppers, tomatoes and melons in the coming months!!

  4. oh fun! i wish I had gone to this! i'm moving soon and getting curious about whether or not I'll be able to grow some small plants on the porch..you'll have to give me some advice if I am!

  5. looks like a great sale! i still need to find myself some eggplants...


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