04 May 2010

little vintage bits

hello. i am stopping in today to share these pretty bits from an antique store downtown. the life magazines were from the 40's-60's and so so cool. they were shrink wrapped, though, so i couldn't see all the pages of what i imagine to be amazing american lifestyle pictures.

tonight i was treated to drinks at tavern law a mock saloon/speakeasy with a historic and rich cocktail menu. their bent is that they want to make a cocktail that suits you exactly. the bartender even came over to ask a few questions about flavor preferences, which led to a cardamom-lime gimlet. floral, sour, spicy and delicious.

this weekend we biked to the edible plant sale and picked up heirloom hot weather plants: fish hot peppers, jaune flamme tomatoes, thai basil, broccoverde, the list goes on. i will be sure to have more garden details soon.

my goal this week is to catch up on everyone's blogs and say hello again.


  1. oh, those time magazines! i love flicking through old magazines for the photography. so inspiring.

    and i can't wait for your garden update! i wish i had a place to grow edible plants.

  2. LOVE those keys! and can't wait to hear more about the hot crops!!

    ps: LOVED the post about the secret cafe :) what an amazing concept!!

  3. Those old Life magazines are really great. Especially the ads!

  4. Tavern Law sounds like such a cool place. I tend to dislike cocktails so maybe I should give this place a try.. perhaps they'll make a convert of me. : )


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