06 May 2010


it's already may 6, and i haven't even done my list for the month. may, you rolled in so quick i hardly had time to think about you. here we go:

may is...
fun fun fun
hands in the dirt, gardens growing
vegetable based meals
long weekends
the first thoughts of camping
peonies, my favorite
sun sun sun
unexpected rain
late dusk
sandals and skirts and spring coats

okay, that's my list--what's yours? share what may is to you in the comments, or post on your blog and leave a link in the comments.


  1. may is my sister's wedding in mexico to kick off the summer!

    also on my list: skirts, flowers, farmers markets. happy may!

  2. May is...

    inklings of summer coming through
    bright light and open windows
    the last chance to wear scarves in the morning
    cool breezes through the screen door
    bare feet on the ground
    books late into the night

  3. oh, peonies, already? and skirts and sandals? it's freezing cold here at the moment...

  4. love this post!! inspired one of my own :)


  5. mmm this all sounds so wonderful! it's not quite as sunshine and sandals in missoula yet, but now i'm looking forward to all that even more!

  6. in french we have a proverb for may : en mai fais ce qu'il te plait... means in may do whatever you want !
    cool program isn't it ?

  7. I was reading your lovely list and was about to write down how lovely montreal is in May... and then i looked out the window and saw Snow! APril had cherry blossoms covering the streets with pink petals and may has... snow! Im confused. SO i guess my list would begin with,

    blueberries + oatmeal
    capris.. and rainboots
    laundry hanging outside (until today)
    Little birds
    lilacs, lilacs, lilacs!
    and my favourite red sweater... its perfect for spring yet warm enough for the confusion!
    new york times on sundays! (im slowing down and have time to read the lovely lady on sundays!)

    Thanks for your blog i really love it!


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