28 April 2010

night pix

you'll have to forgive me, these photos aren't actually that great. i just kept looking at them and they kept growing on me. i like how expressions got captured, even through the dark. i also have an afinity to film photography at night. something really special about it.

i'm excited about all your comments on my secret cafe post! to go a bit more in detail, a house was set up essentially like a restaurant. they gleaned food donations (how, i don't know much about), had a fixed menu with few different options, a hostess, a few servers, and lots of cooks. on top of the actual meal there was tea, coffee, & cookies. all for sale by donation. i hope that gives you a better idea of the set up of that particular secret cafe. email me if you have more questions.

i have been having so much fun with my friend in town, i don't want it to end. we wore ourselves out last sunday going to the ballard farmer's market then walking to the fremont market. we are drinking lots and lots of coffee and we have so much to talk about. pictures are on their way...


  1. oh, your time with your friend sounds fab - just had a weekend with a friend i hadn't seen in months and it was SOOO good to catch up.

    i really like those night photos. there's definitely something about them. i do like the grain as well. such a great vibe.

  2. I really like the top image. It has so many details and so much character. It looks as if it could inspire a very good story.

  3. Speaking of photos of people, some great ones in this post! I want a secret cafe!! Do it!


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