28 May 2010

end of the week

oh, friday did not come too soon! i'm so happy to see the weekend near and to have three full days of relaxation. do those of you in the states have any memorial day plans? any weekend plans in general? i'm not doing much besides catching up on house-work and preparing for a short trip to minneapolis the following weekend. i've got my plane reading to plan out and that is important stuff.

hope this friday is bright for you.


  1. Have a nice trip!
    I am planning on buying a skirt (if it's still available) that I saw in a shop near here a while ago. Installing some shelves for the cactus, sanding some wood for signs and painting, starting my botanical notebook, and lots of knitting!

  2. Happy Friday to you too! I hope your weekend is lovely and relaxing. Awesome about getting to plan your reading for the trip...good stuff for sure.

  3. Ahh tell me about it! TGIF.
    I'm just moving this weekend and finishing up my final assignments for school. Hopefully I can squeeze in the farmer's market!

    I hope you have a really great three day weekend as well!

  4. i love this picture !
    this week end it's sunshine, simple things and rest...

  5. READING! Knitting...anything and everything indoors because its STILL raining down here!
    Happy Holiday

  6. love that photo!!

    can't wait to hear what you decided to read!


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