26 May 2010

book love

hi there! i am stopping in today to say that i posted some beautiful book pictures for my work's blog, the shelf life. i have been doing some work boosting up our blog identity as a purveyor of book culture and ideas, and making things look pretty around there. i'm excited about this post because i got to bring a little of my flickr love into my work life.

i do hope you will check it out. maybe even say hello over there.

p.s. this shot is of the new elliot bay book co. on capitol hill!


  1. I love the picture of the books stacked up. Really cool!

  2. What an excellent post you wrote up! I love all the photos you picked and this is a wonderful one of Elliott Bay Books.

  3. That is a really great post! I didn't know you worked there. Are you at the U-district location? I should stop in and say hello sometime!

  4. ahhh!!! this place looks heavenly!

  5. Ahhh, do you work at UBS, then? Spent many, many fine hours there, during my UW years. Also, a thank you for the new Elliott Bay shot. Eons ago, I headed up marketing for Third Place (in LFP), and SO enjoyed my time there and with EBBCo. It's wonderful to see their new space, from afar.


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