01 April 2010

april 1

i'm having a hard time convincing myself it is already april. time to let go of the winter tendencies and dive into spring. without further ado:

april is...
tulips, daffodils, lilacs, bluebells
fresh smelling air
rainbows, wet concrete shining in the sun
spring bouquets on the dining room table
my best friend coming to visit
a huge fundraiser i've been working on for months
national poetry month
digging in the garden
asparagus, rhubarb, snap peas

as always, it makes me happy read your lists. please share what april is to you in the comments, or post on your blog and leave a link in the comments.


  1. mmm sounds delightful.
    april is:
    being mesmorised by colourful gardens
    easter colours
    photography learning

  2. what a lovely list and a fantastic idea!

    as i live on the other side of the world my april list is less spring-like: falling leaves and stripped tress, red and orange, pumpkin soup, hot chocolates, dusk walks, sugar coated chocolate eggs :)

  3. warm air, flip flops, open windows, daylight after work, flowers, pictures of flowers, long walks, jogs outside, bare feet.

    i *just* wrote a post about spring, too! Happy Jack Eats.

  4. Happy passover Anna - and happy April! I am so much more happy about April than March. I'm looking forward to warmth and longer days!

  5. Definitely the smell of spring, of flowers in the air.
    Sunshine, as fleeting as it is!
    more fresh produce at the farmer's market
    longer days
    baby ducks!!

  6. This post is full of beauty. Happy Easter!


  7. For me, April is about waking up early with the light, and pushing windows open, and street noise, and - wait, do I hear an ice cream truck? - and long runs along the Charles, and rhubarb, and asparagus, and making summer plans.

  8. daffodils waving their cheerful heads in a thunderstorm, kids' eyes lit up with the magic of the Easter Bunny and the joy of finding an elusive egg, Spring Vacation, and the scent of damp earth on your garden gloves for the first time of the season.


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