05 April 2010

full days

these past few days have been very full, i quite like it. friday i participated in the fremont arts walk, with my photos hanging in the fremont place book co. it was very full and fun with lots of people, lots of smiling faces, lots of good friends and family. over the weekend i walked around town with a good friend who was visiting after two years away. we stopped by all his old favorite spots. one highlight was an amazing exhibit of sculpture and photography by kiki smith at the henry art gallery. it was my second time seeing it and i connected that much more with the whole show on round two. jon and i went on a long walk to a friend's and took the long walk back home. it was refreshing and calming. we celebrated easter with a nice brunch. today i went dress shopping for a big event this weekend and was successful my first try (so rare). now, i'm going to lay in bed and read a junot diaz story in the new yorker.

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  1. Exciting to hear about your photos at fremont books - how did it go? I'll have to go to that exhibit at the Henry. Have a great week Anna.


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