31 March 2010

elliot bay book company

elliot bay book company is one of the most unique bookstores i've been to. all wood, creaky floors and new books (i'm used to funky old stores like this selling only used books). today is their last day inside this space, because within the next few weeks they will be moving locations. for 20+ years elliot bay has resided in the heart of pioneer square, seattle but times are tough and they are making a go at capitol hill. it is a bold, brave and creative move. i can't wait to celebrate their opening and buy some new books to support their endeavor.
good luck, elliot bay!


  1. oh! i'm a bit sad to hear this, i loved that space.

  2. oh wow what a great book store! sad it's moving, but at least it's not closing down!

  3. Sad day. I will miss spending my lunches here. But I will definitely make my way to Capitol Hill once the new store opens. I'm so glad you got these great photos to share with us!

  4. I'm so glad you captured these lovely photos...it is sad about them having to move, but from what I've heard from a friend who works there, the new space will be gorgeous as well!

  5. i bet the new space is going to be gorgeous too. and yay for independent bookstores!

  6. Oh what a fabulous space! I am excited to see what they do in their new space. Going bookshopping is a fine reason for visiting Seattle, right?

  7. Love this space, how perfect are books, can't wait to see what they do !!!

  8. how sad!
    were they
    priced out
    of the space?
    i use
    to love going there
    and after browsing
    i'd get
    the swedish cream
    at the cafe.
    will they still
    have a cafe.


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